Does it feel like you’re always fighting fires in your business?

Consultas helps discover why and works with you to solve it

Do you feel you‘re never quite ahead of the game?

Consultas helps you resolve the underlying issue before it becomes a problem

Do you know what every person in your organisation does and why?

Consultas helps you define roles and responsibilities for optimal performance

Does your work require continual modifications, eroding your margin?

Consultas helps you learn the cause and how to solve it

Have you failed an audit?

Consultas helps you reduce risk and avoid future failures


Process = Work

When we talk about process in your business, we are talking about the work your people do.

Understanding and documenting your processes gives you control over your business. Once you know what currently happens in your business, you can repair and improve underperforming or broken processes. Looking at your business from a process viewpoint reveals gaps and overlaps.

What we do

Do you know what every person in your organisation does and why? Why is it so important? And why can such a simple question be so hard to answer?

Too often, business processes are corrupted over time or set up to accommodate technology. It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause due to the complexity of modern business.

We help you understand your people-centric processes, extract and retain individual knowledge for the benefit of the business, improve the consistency of your work and maintain compliance. Our consultants are ready to help. Get in touch if you’d like more information about how we can help you.

Our approach

Consultas helps you better understand:

    • What – by capturing your processes
    • Why – correlating processes to your business rules
    • Who – understanding your people and the work they do
    • How – examining what tools are used in your business
    • When – ensuring the impact of change is controlled to sustain continuous improvement

    The end result is a tailor-made Business Process Management System – an invaluable business asset documenting how your business works.


We believe Business Process Management should be based upon people-centric processes that are understood through a bottom-up approach. It’s informed by your overarching business rules, corporate policies and standards.


We believe Business Process Management is a critical mechanism for capturing and retaining your corporate knowledge, enhancing your business process repeatability and increasing your business efficiency.


We believe Business Process Management helps you understand what procedures and work instructions are required and how IT systems interact with the work your people do.

If you’d like to deep dive into how your people work and improve the processes in your business, drop us an email. We’d love to help.


We Consult

  • Business Process Management – framework
  • Continuous improvement – current vs future state analysis
  • Change adoption – understanding the impact of change
  • Systems analysis – work processes vs IT Strategy

We Facilitate

  • Process identification – process mapping workshops
  • Process design and analysis – sequence of events
  • Strategic business process planning – correlation between your business rules, your people and the tools they use

We Deliver

  • Training – business process management concepts & methodologies to support you processes
  • Change Management – to help early adopters & get buy-in
  • Nintex Promapp – WA partner of highly rated process mapping tool


Who we are

We are business professionals who thrive on solving client challenges.

We believe Business Process Management should be about people-orientated processes – not rules developed to accommodate technology and IT systems.

We add value to your business through collective experience to correlate your business rules to the work your people do and the interfaces with IT systems.

We are the Australian implementation and onboarding partner for  the Promapp process mapping tool, now a Nintex product. 

Our principles

We operate with integrity, based on our track record of practical skills, personal ethics and a broad range of collective experiences within our team. If we cannot help you, we will tell you. If our services are not right for you, we will tell you.

Most importantly, we thrive in helping our clients understand their work practices – what you do, why you do it and how it is done.

Contact us to optimise your business processes and put it on the path to growth.

Geoff Towler
Geoff Towler

Technical & Projects

Marjolein Towler
Marjolein Towler

Business Process Management & Improvement

Our Clients


“Consultas assisted us with the challenge and development of our business processes…applying the Lean Six Sigma approach to determine root causes and potential improvements. Consultas provided the methodology, the processes and the energy to allow this to happen and we are greatly appreciative of their efforts and drive.

– Paul Browne, Tender Manager, Technip

“Consultas are a trusted and highly effective Promapp onboarding partner.They have strong domain expertise and know what it takes for organisations to realise benefit through business process management and improvement.”

– Richard Holmes, COO, Promapp


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