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Geoff Towler

Geoff Towler

Principal Consultant – Technical & Projects

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Geoff brings over 29 years of experience as Director of Consultas with major clients in oil, gas and mining development. He is a qualified production engineer with over 40 years solid international experience in Project Engineering/Control of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear and Defence Projects. Areas of expertise include:

•Engineering & Design
•Production Engineering
•Production Management
•Project Engineering
•Project Control
•Project Management Systems
•Project Co-ordination/Administration
•Emergency Response and Crisis Management Planning
•Business Process Mapping/Compliance/Procedures
•Project Concept Select Reports
•Project Execution Plans
•Management of Change

Marjolein Towler

Marjolein Towler

Principal Consultant – Process Improvement & Promapp

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Marjolein brings over 29 years of experience as Director of Consultas with a client base from both the Corporate and Public Sectors. She is a qualified Information Designer, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and a Certified Process Professional Champion (CPPC- Lvl8). She is a certified Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) practitioner and has been trained in Internal Auditing for Quality Assurance (BSI). She has extensive experience in the development of business management and project management systems. In addition, her skills include facilitation, and teaching and training development including delivery. Areas of expertise include:

•Business process capture & mapping
•Business process optimisation & innovation
•Organisational design & Stakeholder Management
•Business Process System Development (Policy, High Level Process, Procedures)
•Process workshop development and delivery

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