Do you have the feeling you are forever fire fighting in your business?

That you‘re never quit ahead of the game? You have to redo a lot of things for clients, eroding your margin? Do you actually know what everybody in your organisation is doing and why?

Capturing and documenting work practices are the first steps to getting control over your business. Once you know what happens now, you can work on improving those processes that are either underperforming or plain broken.  Looking at your organisation from a process point of view can be very revealing.

Consultas can help you capture those processes and work practices and relate them to your corporate policies. Should you not have those, we can help you develop them too.

The Consultas Process Methodology™ is appropriate for identifying, capturing and mapping business processes, which can then be gathered in a management system.

IT system interactions are captured as part of the ‘human processes’, identifying potential for improved dataflows as well as process improvement.

Consultas can help you with:

  Identification of policies, processes and procedures, and systems
(including research and cross referencing)
→ Development of policies and processes as required
 Facilitating workshops to capture end to end processes into high level
Consultas Process Roadmaps™ (high level end-to-end process)
 Conducting small group interviews to capture procedural Consultas flowcharts™
 Preparation of controlled hardcopy and/or electronic documents
 Creation of templates and forms
 Creation and maintenance of a process register
 Delivery to the client’s preferred communication channel (e.g. internet or intranet)
 Provision of staff training for maintenance purposes

The Consultas Approach™ can be applied on a single process, across an organisation, or project wide. Our methodology leads initially to an ‘as is’ understanding of the organisation or the project in order to optimise existing work practices. It involves the participation of all relevant personnel, which significantly aids the change management process.

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