Dynamic Process Management

For medium-sized and larger organisations, or organisations in transition (growth, or change), we recommend a dynamic process management system.

We use Promapp, software developed in Auckland, New Zealand. We have found Promapp easy to learn, easy to use, and most importantly easy to maintain.

  • Procedures broken down into screen sized “chunks” for easy understanding.
  • Direct access via links to referenced material (Guidelines, other procedures, templates, Movie files for training, websites or intranet sites, any DMS).
  •  Ability to produce a job description extracted from procedure(s).
  •  Ability to produce a text based procedure at any time.
  • → Global role and/or responsibility change implemented instantly across all procedures.
  • Built-in Glossary; defined terms appear as underlined text in hover text box.
  •  Process owner has hands on control of the process.
  •  User feedback is online and a very short update cycle allows quick response to that feedback – updating process is quick and easy.
  •  Approval Workflow module allocates Process Editors and Process Approvers effectively allowing for full squad check.
  •  View versions side by side – highlighting changes


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